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Planning your cosmetic and POS displays, shelves and floors has never been easier. Create, analyze and optimize with your products, product positions and shelf space in retail stores. With instant visualization of your display your can directly export your merchandising guidelines and share them with only one click.

planogram editor on laptop

Planogram Software

& Category 

Visualize your ideas


your ideas

Select a view and instantly visualize your product planning, graphics, categories and many more.

Planograms made easy


made easy!

Drag & drop modules, products and upload graphics directly in your planogram. No technical expertise needed.

Share your results

and share

your results.

With just one click, you can export module lists, product lists, SKUs, assortment updates or a full summary and share with your team. ePlanogramming

Planogram Software & Category Management

An easy to use planogram configurator anyone can use. Independent and constantly evolving, so you can focus on what’s important while we take care of the techy stuff. Next generation planogramming with

created simply

Start a new generation of planogramming.
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What our customers say

The experiences of our customers say more about the benefits than we could represent. We are proud that we can offer a solution that simplifies our customers' work every day.

This platform has totally changed the way we work our planograms ; it offers many many functions that gives us so many possibilities for delivering complete/exhaustive planograms. There are very useful for our Commercials / Shops. The interface is also very user friendly.

Gwladys Le Pelletier,

L'Oréal Paris, France


Learn more about the functions of

ePlano configurator

A drag & drop configurator that is easy to use and quick to implement your products and modules.

Range update

Update your product assortment in minutes and view changes directly in your planogram.

Sales Analysis

Read your most important KPI figures with one click and optimize your POS sales.

Learn more

template designers

Design your planograms and furniture flexibly and individually.

Integrated catalogs

Find your data, information codes and files of products and modules all in one place.

Visualizations & exports

Share planograms and reports with your team and clients with simply one click.

Contents of a planogram

A planogram is like a retail blueprint. It shows which products and goods are placed where in order to increase customer purchases. However, it also contains technical, logistical, creative and sales information which is very useful for brands, suppliers, retailers and design agencies.

Planogram Information Flow Chart

Advantages of

With you can plan and create product assortment changes and planograms safely and easily. Without any prior technical knowledge, plan at any time, with all data from anywhere and save costs in the process.

Planogram configurator on tablet

Up to 3x shorter planning times

Reliability & data security

Planning independence

Easily export process documents



For an easy and smooth start, we will set up your own instance for you and offer additional training so you can focus on planograms in no time.


You need additional support? Then contact us at any time. In addition to, we offer other services from which you can benefit.


In addition to our tutorials and FAQs, we are there for you around the clock and offer you our help and support.


Do you want to implement a project and are you looking for the right solution? We will be happy to advise you and together we will find the right approach.

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