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ePlano - Editor

Next generation planogramming starts with a smooth user experience and all the information in place. Our intuitive guiding and drag & drop editor revolutionize today’s planogram experience. Integrated catalogs, complex search functions and information directly at your hands are helping you to achieve results faster, securely without the need to be a technical expert. Creating planograms has never been easier.

Assortment Updates

Assortment updates have never been more secure, precise, and easier. Create an update from an existing planogram, dismiss outdated products and modules, and pull in new ones. Colorized change visualization helps to identify changes. Create meaningful update planograms in minutes, not days.


Our integrated catalogs (i.e. module and product catalogs) make your daily tasks more efficient and easier. They help you to create reliable and content-rich planograms, work organized and share the information among brands, suppliers, agencies and other stakeholders. It is probably the first time this information can be shared and visualized without collecting information accessing additional resources.

Category Visualization

Focus on categories and visualize overlapping segments without the typical distractions. A clear structure of the product categories improves consumer guiding and increases sales.

Export XLS & PDF Documents

Extract and share information directly from your planograms without spending hours or days. It has probably never been easier! Share it with commercial teams, partners, merchandisers, agencies and many more. We know what is required and what we all have been waiting for. It is just a click away.

template designers

The template designer enables you to design any POS furniture for planogramming. Define the basic elements such as width, height, depth for all or for each individual shelf. Add logo header, sidewalls and a plinth to create an even more beautiful planogram. 

multiple furniture systems for retail planograms
Furniture & System Management

Use any display system – traditional displays, travel retail, or shop in shop systems – with Almost any individual type of display and future development is covered by Let your creativity take over. adapts to your needs.


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